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Native of the Sandwich Islands in Royal Costume

after Heinrich Rudolf SCHINZ (Zurich 1777 - 1861)

“Bewohner der Sandwichinseln”

(Native of the Sandwich Islands in Royal Costume)
Original lithograph from the graphic kit of the work “Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen der Menschen und der Saugetiere” printed by the swiss lithographer Honegger and published in Zurich between 1830 and 1835.
Nice example with some foxing stains around the subject otherwise in good general condition, embellished with a bright and accurate recent watercolouring.
Beautiful representation of a warrior in very elegant dresses and with the traditional tatoos.
The Sandwich Islands of the title are the nowadays Hawaii Islands that were discovered by Captain Cook in 1778 during his third voyage in the Pacific Ocean and are part of the United States of America from 1959.

“Catalogue of the books manuscripts maps and drawings in the British Museum (Natural History)” London 1903, vol. 4 pag. 1835.

Size in mm: 325 x 236 sheet Price: € 120,00