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General Thomas Jonathan Jackson


(English steel engraver active in London between 1869 and 1884)

“General T. J. JACKSON”

(General Thomas Jonathan Jackson nicknamed Stonewall)
Original steel engraving from the bronze sculpture by John Henry Foley (Dublin 1818 – London 1874) appeared after 1875 on the famous English Art Periodical “The Art Journal” published in London by Virtue & Co. from the thirties of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.
Very nice example in perfect general condition.
Thomas Jonathan Jackson (1824 – 1863) was one of the South's most successful generals during the America Civil War (1861 – 1865). He began his military career at West Point U S Military Academy and was immediatly engaged by the Union Army for the Mexican War (1846 – 1848).
When the State of Virginia, in wich he was born, decided to seced from the Union in 1861, he joined the Confederate Army and served under General Robert Lee with excellent reputation for a long period of the Civil War.
He was the hero of the First Battle of Bull Run in july 1861 and was during this battle that he earned his nickname “Stonewall”.
The story of Foley's sculpture began in England in 1863, just after the news about Jackson's death, from an idea of a committee of Englishmen sympatetic to the Confederacy.
They selected John Henry Foley as sculptor because he was a notable member of the Royal Academy just famous for his statue of Prince Albert in the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.
After many troubles and about twelve years later the sculpture was finished in 1875 and today is part of the Virginia State Capitol Art Collection and stands in Virginia's Capitol Square at Richmond.

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Sizee in mm: 315ca x 235ca sheet

Price: € 100,00