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The five senses

Crispijn van de PASSE the elder (Armuyden 1565ca – 1637)

“The five senses”

(auditus, olfactus, visus, gustus, tactus)
Five original etchings with touches of engraving, the complete series with the title on the first subject (Auditus), published by De Passe himself in Cologne before 1611, the year he settled in Utrecht, and with eight lines of letters by Mattias Quad in two columns.
Nice examples printed on thin laid paper showing a watermark “Serpent” similar to Heawood 3775 relating to german paper production of the beginning of the XVIIth century, with wide margins around the platemark, various stains and other minimal defects well visible in the images otherwise in general good condition.
Auditus (Sound) is represented by a seated woman playing a lute while a stag is lying at her left, on the ground around her there are many musical instruments, the scene relates to the months of January and February.
Olfactus (Smell) is represented by a young half-naked woman smelling a flower, her head is crowned by a flower wreath, on the ground around her there are four beautifull flower pots, at right two dogs are smelling flowers too, in the background a garden with people walking, the scene relates to the months of March and April.
Visus (Sight) is represented by a seated woman with a mirror, at woman's feet lie some measuring tools, two masques and a pair of glasses, behind her there is an eagle that is looking in the same mirror, the scene relates to the months of May, June and July.
Gustus (Taste) is represented by a half-naked young girl that sits near a basket full of fruits, she has in her left hand a pear and with the right hand is picking up other fruits, a monkey is standing on the right side tasting fruit while in the background there are some gardeners, the scene relates to the months of August, September and October.
Tactus (Touch) is represented by a seated woman holding a bird, perhaps a small parrot, that is biting her finger, on the ground at her feet there are a turtle, a lobster, a crab and a seashell, behind her a spider is making the spiderweb, the scene relates to the months of November and December.
Very interesting set absolutely uncommon to be found complete.

Franken “L'Oeuvre gravée de Van de Passe” Paris 1881 pag.39 nº1109-1113.
Heawood “Monumenta chartae papyraceae” Hilversum 1986 nº3775.
Hollstein “Dutch and Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts”
Amsterdam 1964 vol.XV nº511-515.

Size in mm: 185 x 226, 183 x 235, 182 x 231, 185 x 227, 181 x 236.

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